FAQ for light set 9K-0GBX-BRM5

NOTE: If your question is not answered here, or, your problem persists after following the recommended action please contact us and we will solve your problem. Click the "Contact Us" at the top of this page to send an email.

My front light / rear light does not work and I just received it

Most times the problem is the plastic tab that separates the batteries from the contacts tore during removal and there is still a piece of plastic inside the light. Please view the video on how to change the batteries. When you remove the batteries inspect the area for a piece of plastic between the battery and the contact and remove it.

My handlebar is too thick and the front mount won't fit

Higher end road bikes and mountain bikes can have very thick handle bars. We include a longer mounting screw with the light set. Simply removed the screwed installed in the front light mount and replace with the longer screw.

The front light can swivel left or right too easily

There is a screw on top of the front light mount that can be tightened with a phillips head screw driver. It wont take much torque to snug the mount so it is hard to swivel.

The rubber button for the front light switch fell off

During testing we did not have this problem but a few customers have had the button fall off. We have implemented an engineering change to glue the buttons in place.

If the rubber button fell off your light, please email us and we will send you a replacement part.

My front light does not illuminate

If the light gets bumped hard a battery may have shifted off a terminal. Make sure all batteries are properly installed.

My light will not turn off all the way, it stays lit very dim.

We have sold over 10,000 light sets and a handful have had the switch damaged during shipment. Contact us and we will send you a replacement front light.